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"Dabee The site offers products in the areas of electronics, games, music, fashion, beauty, automotive, sporting goods and housewares from anywhere in the world. Guilherme Bastos, partner and chief executive of Dabee, says that the main objective is to allow internet access mainly targeted products that are not easily found, like diving goggles, surfboards, garden statues and design objects. "This was a gap that had trade Electronic and hopefully be answered with the site, says Bastos"
Valor Econômico, 7/26/2012
"In the case of Dabee, site focusing on selling items imported from the United States to Brazil sales between November and December increased three to four times over the previous months, Grace shares on social networks, said Thomas Penido, executive global marketing and Dabee chief executive in Brazil. "Around 20% of our sales are the result of actions of Facebook" said. According to him, 90% of the selling in stocks opened on networks like Facebook and Twitter.
Valor Econômico, 21/12/2012
"Through the site, users create windows of discovery, called hives, and include many unique products available in stores worldwide. Any user can create a hive in Dabee neighboring hives or even follow that always bring interesting discoveries. This content can also be shared through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. "
Valor Econômico, 12/29/2012
"Bastos explains that in Dabee, the user discovers products from outside the country and makes them available in 'hives'. If someone wants to buy, the store presents the final price of the item (including import taxes and shipping) and facilitates the logistics of product arrival to Brazil. Payment can be divided in up to 12 times the national board, said the executive, who is the CEO of the company."
globo.com, 07/31/2012
"The goal of Dabee is offering a differentiated shopping experience. Proposal is that the Brazilian discover new products he is not in the country. It is a worldwide catalog available for Brazil, says Noble."
Época Negócios, 08/22/2012
"Brazil is the initial step of Dabee, you want to settle in other countries. Here, already have 60 000 users and hope to reach 500,000 by the end of the year. To attract more people, the focus will social media like Facebook and Twitter. "Achieving the public is already familiar with this universe and that also has affinity with social commerce, "says Thomas Penido, manager of the company's shares in Brazil, which just opened an office. The Dabee headquarters is in Silicon Valley, USA, and company also has an office in India."
Empresas & Grandes Negócios , 08/08/2012
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